About Us

At Good Cakes Cafe, everything that we do begins with the realization that cakes are meant to be special. They are meant to mark special occasions and happy celebrations. They are meant to look special to convey beautiful feelings. They are meant to taste special to savour the celebrations. And they are meant to create beautiful memories that will last long after the occassion has passed.

The genesis of Good Cakes Cafe is borne out of the beautiful endeavor for which cakes have been created and baked for since ancient times. Cakes represent the best culinary offering honoring our most loved people on the most special & happy occcasions that mark the journey of life. We use cakes on our birthdays, weddings, anniversary, graduation, ceremonies and festivals. They convey feelings of love, hope, wishes and a range of emotions much better than words themselves can. In "olden times" when refined sugar, spices, nuts, and dried fruit were expensive, it was an honor to be honored with cake. Today cake isn't super expensive and we have many choices (store bought, box mix, scratch, bakery special order) but the message remains constant. A cake says: You're important and we love you!!

At Good Cakes Cafe, we try to make our cakes unique in taste, design and quality. We try to make customer experience special as well. We provide our customers 1800 unique designs for more than 20 occassions from a choice of 25 delectable flavors. All our cakes are manufactured in-house and we do not source anything except the highest grade raw material from outside. Our customers are front and center for all our efforts and endeavors. The fact that they keep coming back to us is humbling testimony to the trust and confidence they repose in us for meeting their expectations again and again.

We started in 2014 and have close to 7 years of experience in delivering happiness, taste and memories to our customers. We have started to grow beyong our roots and now have 3 physical stores in Paschim Vihar, Vasundhara and Noida Extension in Delhi. Our online portal aims to provide fresh cakes to our customer from an assortment of designs and choice of flavors with the convenience of home ordering and delivery.

Whether we expand or stay the same, our foundation will always rest on treating our cakes and our customers the way it has always meant to be - just very special!!